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Various theories surround the origins of the Daffern surname. Here are a few…

Here are some older Dafferns of note…
John Daffern (1838 – 1922)
John Daffern was a Farmer and Chairman of Bedworth parish council. more

Thomas Mason Daffern (c1855 – ?)
Thomas Daffern was the founder of the Coventry Permanent Economic Building Society and Dafferns Chartered Accountants. more

Oldest recorded Daffern?
Richard Daffarne was a weaver born 1535, Claybrook, Leicestershire, died 27/3/1582 in Leicestershire. Was married to Sibble (Sybble) Bayley. Sibbel Dafferne (died 18/12/1577).

Some more contemporary Dafferns…
Tony Daffern
Tony Daffern was the first to climb Horseshoe Mountain in Canada (which he named) in 1973. The mountain is 3,090m (10,138ft.) and he also wrote many books on avalanche safety (books on Amazon.co.uk).

Brian Daffern
Brian Daffern is the author of the “Prince Albert” series of books amongst others.

Willy Daffern
Willy Daffern (Willie Dee) was the drummer / vocalist in 70s band Captain Beyond (and others).

James Daffern
Actor in various UK TV series including Casualty, Emmerdale and Doctors.

Eileen Daffern (1914-2012)
Eileen Daffern was a prominent nuclear disarmament activist and campaigner.

Thomas Clough Daffern
Thomas Clough Daffern is the Director and Coordinator of the HumanDHS Cross-Cultural Linguistics for Equal Dignity Project. He is also the Director of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy (IIPSGP), Wales and London, UK.

More Daffern trivia…
Daffern “major method”
I found this reference to the “Daffern” method on a web site about church bell ringing.
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, February 2006
Delight Major methods
I sent an e-mail to the web site author and got the following response (e-mail 10/2/2006)

I am currently researching the Daffern family and I came across a reference to “Daffern” in your web pages on Delight Major Methods.
I would be grateful for any information that you could give me on why this method is named Daffern or where I might look to research this topic further.
The method was named in a peal at St Peter’s Church, Claybrooke, Leics, on Monday 6th November 1995 and reported in The Ringing World of 8th December 1995, page 1252. It was rung in memory of the late Mrs Beatrice Daffern Seal, who paid for the augmentation of the bells from four to eight in 1929, on the anniversary of her birthday.

For campenologists, here is the notatation. I would be grateful if anyone could explain this to me…







Tower bells



RW ref

Daffern – 38 – 14 – 1258 – 1236 – 14 – 18 – 56.12. 78 12 b BDO


Claybrooke 95/1252


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